Create Wealth by joining us on the Crypto Revolution; where a New Economy is Developing and New Form of Currency Exchange is taking shape.

Wealth and

the Blockchain

The explosion of cryptocurrencies and their underlying technology—the blockchain—make their persistence and wealth building potential impossible to ignore.  Join us in exploring the freedoms inherent in this traceable, borderless, 24/7 tradeable virtual currency. 

Finding Treasure in a Virtual Coin

Stake your claim in the twenty-first century’s gold rush.  Experience financial freedom and true liberation from geographic and political limitations, regulations, centralization, and human intervention.

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Crypto Rick’s Academy positions individuals to take advantage of the new and emerging digital economy through investment, support, training, and expertise.

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In any system or economy, those with the most knowledge have the advantages. Cryptocurrencies are still new and we have a higher level of insight and sophistication on matters related to digital currencies as this new frontier unfolds.
Thanks to the information age, we all have access to information but Crypto Rick’s Academy offers facilitated access to a system that grows larger and more accepted with every passing day. The advantages of this access are difficult to quantify but even more difficult to deny.

Crypto Courses For Every Level 

Learning Cryptocurrency

Beginners Curriculum

 What is cryptocurrency? Where does it fit in the marketplace? How is it different? How and why will it be a game changer?

Learning the Trade Exchange

Intermediate Curriculum

Learn the intricacies of crypto investing relative to its markets and receive the advantages of this borderless 24/7 marketplace.

Investing for Profits

 Advanced Curriculum

Learn how to turn an investment by a hundredfold in the same amount of time it takes to process your tax refund.

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A New Economy is emerging

Where freedom to innovate has given us so many advancements in the Internet age, the liberation of our currency system is about to allow unfettered wealth creation within a transparent and completely democratic economic system that is monitored by mathematic algorithms rather than central monetary agencies. 

Financial Freedom is only one click away!!!

A Personal Message from Crypto Rick…


I make this promise to all of my students; “If you take a chance and join us on the Crypto Revolution, I will make it my personal responsibility that you learn the skills to help you master the new economy and ultimately create wealth.  You demonstrate the desire, and we will help open the doors to your success.”

- Ricky Anderson

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