Strategic Live Trading Investing for Profits

Difficulty: Advanced
May 2018
Mondays @ 6-8pm

Advanced: Advanced Strategies with Live Trading

Course Overview:

Now is the optimal time for Cryptocurrency trading, and just like the internet did in 1997, a new wealth class will be formed.  In this class you will discover just as Entrepreneurs and Investors have, that Cryptocurrency investing is the best way to fund new business ideas, create new projects, and make 1000 times back your money; all while doing it with pennies on the dollar and in most cases with just ONE coin!  You will learn the key essentials for investing funds in the right place and how to move in and out of the crypto markets and exchanges. 

In addition, you will learn my 5 main strategies when looking for coins to invest in, plus my 2 main strategies for buying that I use for short and long term gains!
We consider this course our cream of the crop… If nothing else, our students do what we do, or simply join our MaM Account and we will do it for you… Something for everyone.  Passive or active investing, Crypto Ricks is your answer…

Course Outline:

This course will teach you and demonstrate for you how to buy Bitcoin on the exchange and how to send Bitcoin over the Exchange.   You will also get setup and verfied with multiple exchanges so that you can begin trading and earning income with our instructors immediately!

Welcome to the quickest and easiest way to get into Cryptocurrency Investing.

  • Short and long term buying strategies
  • Strategies to identify the hottest Cryptocurrency
  • How to invest in pre-sale token before they hit the market
  • How becoming a member will pay for your advance class

Course Additions:  

  • In-class Trading
  • Trading Alerts and Signals
  • Access to live videos
  • Updates,
  • Twice Weekly Telegram Access for buy/sell
  • Access into professional ventures
  • MaM account (Minimum 2k)
  • Portfolio Investing
  • Opt-in to 1 day curriculum


  • Bank Account
  • Computer | Laptop | Tablet
  • Internet Connection

Certificate of Completion:


  • 8 Hours of Class
  • Video: 2 hour, 15m per session
  • Instructor lectures: 30/materials/12 weeks
  • 40 minutes Q&A, 10m per session

Bonus Certificate of Completion:

$1,499.00 / seat